Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Well, once again Model A has returned. Older, Wiser, with Multiplications! Brennan has been teaching music lessons for years while making copies of himself, and Sean is a Mad Scientist in the bay. He'll join in when able. We again reach out to old fans to check out new music from the newly created Model A Bandcamp. We have a Patreon page, so please support making you new music. The output is planned to be high. We are talking two past unreleased albums, and weekly sonic experiments that will turn into downloadable tracks! Sonically? Expect the unexpected. Be open to all genres, people because it's probably going to get wild! The good news you will be able to browse what you want, buy individual tracks, and then when enough of a specific style gets made, we will group it all together for an album release. Right now the new video material is mostly on but we will update youtube content as well. Please see the link bar also if you want personal music lessons from Brennan. Anywhere in the world! Cheers!